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Local Car Audio Professionals Since 1976


Mobile Music opened in 1976, and has been on the cutting edge of car stereo ever since! We are proud to not only offer the best in car stereo systems and in-car video systems, but many other electronic items as well.

We can help you with . . .


  • Car Alarms from Viper and CODE Alarm
  • Cruise controls for almost any car, truck , or RV
  • Cellular phones from Page Plus Cellular, with plans starting at $12 a month!
  • LED and HID lighting solutions, to make your visability better AND make your car look snazzy!
  • 110 volt inverter solutions for RV's and other vehicles.
  • Multi battery installations and hi current inverters!
  • CB Radio systems from Uniden, Cobra, K-40, Valor and more!
  • Satellite television systems from DISH NETWORK and DIRECTV. Local sales and service.


At Mobile Music, We are experts on seamlessly integrating aftermarket options such as satellite radio and television, bluetooth communication, video screens, navigation and custom fabrication. We are a company that will go the extra mile to exceed every customers expectations. Here at Mobile Music we pride ourselves on being a place that will make the most particular owners comfortable, knowing that their vehicle will be treated with care and respect. We have been a part of the Skagit County community for over 30 years, and will continue to provide the same level of service that the people of Skagit County have come to expect from us for the next 30 years.

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